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It's Vacation Time!
When the valley’s too hot, 

And the city is too frantic,
Or your spouse is upset 
There's no need to panic.
If your Anniversary's here,
Or, a raise just came through,
If you're popping THE question?

We have advice for you.


When emails, computers,


And cell phones won’t stop,


And one is so tired,


So ready to drop...


There’s a fine place,


Here and not far,


With fresh sea air,


And billions of stars,


With homes and cottages, 


In which to relax,


On decks, with great views,


You'll enjoy to the max!


Giggle, laugh, and have some fun,


Your holiday has just begun.



If single you are, 


And a friend needs attention


Or the old gang’s around, 


And wants a convention,


When gals simply need,


A few days away,


Or guys need to chill, 


Have fun and just play,


There is a small village, 


By river and sea,


Down a redwood valley, 


On a broad estuary,


Where seals frolic,


And sea birds soar,


And kites fly blue skies, 


Blue waves come ashore.


Giggle, laugh, and have some fun,


Your holiday has just begun.



Along storybook roads, 


Sheep and cows graze,


Through patchwork fields, 


Never cease to amaze.


To a quaint sea village, 


And for miles around,


Abundant wildlife, 


And nature abound.


Peace by the sea, 


Sheltered coves and warm sun,


Kayak with seals, tide-pool, 


Or just run!



See the wine country, 


A tour for the day,


Then home to the coast, 


Pop the cork, sip away!


Giggle, laugh, and have some fun,


Your holiday has just begun…



Call us today, book a home, 


Come alive!


Dial 707....865....and 9905.


Or if you prefer, 


Look here on our site,


After booking online, 


You’ll sleep well tonight!




Jenner Vacation Rentals







Guest Reviews

"Thank you for a beautiful home. This is truly a wonderful home to come and relax. This is actually our second stay here."
---The Riley Family
"Loads of Whales... The house was great and the setting fantastic. Great skies, weather and loads of whales. The heater worked great, t..."
---Nick and Friends
"Best Getaway... Thank you a million times over. This is the best getaway. What a great “adult treehouse”. We can’t wait to be back to ..."
---Sarah and Andy, Sacramento
More guest reviews >>


Northwoods Russian River Retreat

(Golf & River Front Vacation Home...3 Night Minimum on Holiday's)

~ ~  ~  ~  ~   ~   ~    ~   ~   ~  ~  ~

The quiet time of the year has arrived;

Tranquil November and December,

The ocean is up, waves thunder ashore,

reverberating through the village of Jenner.





MID WEEK SPECIAL RATES (Sunday-Thursday nights)

Good Times, Good Wines & Good Memories

Now is the Best Weather

Prime time for beaches, hiking, 

biking, kayaking, touring the wine country

and just relaxing in the fresh coastal air.

Book your Dates Now!

Jenner Vacation Rentals; 

An Invitation to Fun, Mirth, Amusement,

Play, Enjoyment Playfulness and Pleasure

Christmas, Dec.25th - Federal holiday celebrated 26th.

"Ho Ho Ho"


New Years Holiday 2016

New Years day 2016 falls on Friday January 1st.
Take Thursday, New Years Eve off. Be good to yourself.
Enjoy a 3-Night Getaway, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Drive home Sunday, ready for your best year ever in 2016.


Martin Luther King, Wednesday, January 20th.

"I look to a day when people will not be judged
by the color of their skin, but by the
content of their character."


Presidents Day, Monday, February 15th.

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent;
it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant
and a fearful master." George Washington


Over the same holiday is Valentines Day Feb 14th



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The Sonoma Coast

The Russian River estuary and Pacific Ocean are full of wildlife.  
Please come and enjoy yourselves. Bring or rent kayaks, 
hike magnificent trails, tour the wine country inland and 
visit the giant redwoods. The stars are brilliant. 
Enjoy The River's End, The Jenner Inn, Cafe Aquatica or,
The Timber Cove Inn for excellence in healthy cuisine

Thar She Blows!

The Grey Whale Migration.

Check the chart below and book your dates in advance.
Fattened Gray Whales In Low-Ice Arctic Are Headed South 

Grey Whales travel their annual two-month,


5,000-mile journey — from the Arctic Circle,


past San Diego, to warm lagoons off Baja California

and back again to summer feeding off the coast of Alaska.







Book on-line now to secure your dates 

Easy 3-click on-line Booking .


Be Good to Yourselves!


Perfect choices for

Romance Birthdays, Holidays,

Honeymoons, Anniversary, Wine Tasting

Getaways, Retreats, Vacations, 





Visit the Sonoma Coast 

Russian River Valley

Awesome Giant Redwoods 

Sonoma & Napa Wine Country 




1.5 hours to beautiful San Francisco

And the Golden Gate Bridge


The Bay Area's Popular


Year-Round  Destination




National  Geographic Traveler


"Sonoma: A  Best in the World Destination"




Coastal Living Magazine


 "#1 Best Coastal Road Trip"



Russian River Valley, Redwoods,

Wine Country and The Sonoma Coast



Relaxation is the greatest luxury of all.

    We offer exceptional Oceanfront,

Ocean, River, Redwood View Vacation Homes.



Hike in the 5,680 Acre 

Jenner Headlands!

Reservation Required: 

707-328-5543 0r 707-328-8539 






Protected lands, 5,680 acres, above and around Jenner, Ca



Jenner California is a quiet, peaceful village along the river

with broad ocean and river views. Here, one can truly relax and

enjoy the setting, the scenery and loved ones.


On the Sonoma coast you can enjoy dramatic cliff dominated 

beaches with miles of easy walking, ocean breezes, sights,

sounds, fresh sea air, crashing waves, tide pooling,


Enjoy the Russian River  estuary, teeming with wildlife.

The kayaking is superb for easy quiet paddling and nature study. 

Nearby await award winning golf courses, additional 

miles of fantastic scenic hiking, beach walking and 

unforgettable, magnificent starry nights.



From your Jenner Vacation Rental on 

the Sonoma Coast, tour the nearby Sonoma & Napa 

Wine Country. Experience the Serene, Majestic Beauty 

of Giant Redwoods at Armstrong Woods, up-river a few 

miles. From Jenner by the Sea, vacationers will enjoy very 

best of Sonoma and Napa and the Bay Area. 


Our Jenner vacation rentals are located


1.5 - 2.0 hours from the Golden Gate Bridge.



Moon Phases & Celestial Events



Celestial Events and Moon Phases for 2015 
December 7 - Conjunction of the Moon and Venus. Conjunctions are rare events where two or more objects will appear extremely close together in the night sky. The crescent moon will come with 2 degrees of bright planet Venus in the early morning sky. Look to the east just before sunrise.

December 11 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 10:29 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.

December 13, 14 - Geminids Meteor Shower. The Geminids is the king of the meteor showers. It is considered by many to be the best shower in the heavens, producing up to 120 multicolored meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by debris left behind by an asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon, which was discovered in 1982. The shower runs annually from December 7-17. It peaks this year on the night of the 13th and morning of the 14th. The crescent moon will set early in the evening leaving dark skies for what should be an excellent show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Gemini, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

December 22 - December Solstice. The December solstice occurs at 04:48 UTC. The South Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its southernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.44 degrees south latitude. This is the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the Southern Hemisphere.

December 22, 23 - Ursids Meteor Shower. The Ursids is a minor meteor shower producing about 5-10 meteors per hour. It is produced by dust grains left behind by comet Tuttle, which was first discovered in 1790. The shower runs annually from December 17-25. It peaks this year on the the night of the 22nd. This year the nearly full moon will be bright enough to hide all but the brightest meteors. If you are patient, you might still be able to catch a few good ones. Best viewing will be just after midnight from a dark location far away from city lights. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Ursa Minor, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

December 25 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 11:11 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Cold Moon because this is the time of year when the cold winter air settles in and the nights become long and dark. This moon has also been known as the Moon Before Yule and the Full Long Nights Moon.